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Misty Mountain Ranch

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Aqua-Trek, a scuba and travel organization, along with its affiliates has supported the efforts of the Leukemia Society for several years. In addition to direct monetary support, we have utilized our resort and dive facilities for fundraising efforts. While funding is a vital component in the research to cure childhood chronic or life-threatening illnesses, at Misty Mountain Ranch we believe money is not enough. We are committed to enriching the quality of life and believe it is crucial to the healing process and happiness of the children. We developed Misty Mountain Ranch to reach out the greater compassion to children in need.
The ranch is located in Mendocino County, three miles from the town of Willits, California. The northern California setting enjoys fabulous summer climate enabling our visitors to experience an amazing array of activities. Though primarily a horse ranch, Misty Mountain provides a variety of fun and entertaining activities
Horseback Riding
Western Roping
Fitness & Yoga
Weight Lifting
Introduction to Scuba Diving
Gourmet Cooking Teaching
Martial Arts

Nature Photography
Mendocino Coast Day Trips

Purpose and Objective

Everyone at Misty Mountain Ranch is dedicated to providing a diverse range of unique experiences for children who have a chronic or life-threatening illness. We also include their families. Our objective is to offer kids the opportunity to enjoy our facilities and increase the quality of their lives.
Financial Arrangements

Misty Mountain is not foundation or non-profit organization but a partnership between Aqua-Trek and its international affiliates. Misty Mountain does not rely on fund raising, Leukemia Society funding or other financial resources for its operating budget. All operating costs, funding and services are completely supported by Aqua-Trek and its partners are provided entirely free to the children and their families.
The Ranch Facility

Misty Mountain Ranch is a 40-acre facility bordered by other ranches and thousands of acres of government game preserve land. The animal and activities area is located about a quarter mile from the housing and swimming pool area. Meals are served in the main house and visitors stay in the guesthouse. The guesthouse sleeps 10 comfortably and has two private bedrooms and a sleeping loft. It has a cozy sitting area with a wood stove, private bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, and a small kitchenette. Not only is staying at the ranch comfortable but the views are simple spectacular.

Medical Facilities

Necessary medical care can be provided Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital. The hospital is located 4 miles from the ranch gate.
Guest and Celebrity Staff
In order to provide such extensive services, the ranch has enlisted the volunteer help of many talented and caring people. From world champion martial artists, internationally known underwater and nature photographers through local Mendocino arts and crafts people, Misty Mountain has organized "the best" to help out the kids. Patch Adams, noted physician and clown, may even drop in for a memorable visit.
Summer Sessions

Several summer sessions for kids are offered, and the maximum number of children per session is six. Each child will be provided a Misty Mountain Ranch t-shirt and cap. Also special riding shoes are provided. Children will be transported by limousine from the Bay Area to the ranch on the Sunday start of each session.
Retreat and Seminar Session
Due to the variety of activities and our comfortable facilities, small corporate or group retreats, planning meetings, and seminar session are ideally suited for Misty Mountain Ranch. These retreats and seminar sessions are coordinated separately from children's summer sessions. Simple decide on what activities your group would like to enjoy and contact Aqua-Trek for cost and booking details. All funds raised from retreat and seminar sessions go to the Northern California Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America.
How to Sign Up

Due to the limited and exclusive nature of our facilities, combined with the necessary grouping of activities, we plan our groups carefully.

Please contact Aqua-Trek at 800-541-4334 to obtain a questionnaire. Questionnaires will be reviewed in the order they are received, however we will remain as flexible as possible with regard to the needs of individual families. Additional sessions may be added according to demand.

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